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    Digital writing expert. Educator.


    Lisa Weinberger

  • Who I am

    Educator, senior manager, corporate trainer, leader: I am a proven digital writing expert who strives to empower students by providing the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the competitive digital marketing and editorial industry. I have mentored many young adults into successful careers. And always smiling.

  • I prepare students for the unique writing challenges presented in all subjects focusing on cross curricular strategies.

    My teaching experience

    Six years of experience teaching online composition and six years teaching in traditional composition classes for a total of 12 years of college level teaching. Undergraduate English is also one of my favorite courses because it prepares students for a world heavily dependent on written communication by teaching the proper, academic way of writing.

    Digital writing

    Guiding students to find their voice and style to tell their story. Encouragement and working together as a team for a positive outcome.

    Composition & Rhetoric

    Respecting the student builds trust which allows for open communication. Learning through reflection and analysis is my style of teaching.


    Curriculum development

    Creating a curriculum with lessons that engage the student while retaining the information for future implementation. Present day subject topics gets the most response and interaction.


    Working with companies like McGraw Hill was my first step into e-learning. It gave me the approaches for building online classrooms in composition.

  • Academia is my 20-year passion.

    I began as a private tutor in my late teens helping elementary & middle school students in English and Hebrew. Eventually my love of teaching/mentoring led me to pursue graduate degrees in English education to share my knowledge with college-level students.